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Alignment Therapy is designed to bring the joints, spine, and body back into alignment and perfect posture. When the body is restored to its design posture injuries heal, pain disappears, and health, mobility, and joy return.

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Posture Alignment Therapy is a holistic exercise technique that uses gravity and a person’s own body weight to improve alignment and balance, naturally eliminating the underlying causes of pain and physical limitation. It is not chiropractic, massage, yoga, pilates, or Physiotherapy.

The technique is based on the basic principal that the human body is comprised of 8 major load-bearing joints: shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

The human body was designed to stand on 2 feet, and to be in motion, constantly, in order to survive. The combination of gravity and movement are not only necessary to maintain the body’s skeletal alignment, but also critical for survival…that is prior to modern conveniences and technology.

Today we no longer need to move in order to survive. In order to make a living these days, most of us click a mouse, stand stationary in one place, or perform the same repetitive movement patterns over and over. The problem is simple, we do not move nearly enough to remain pain free and functional.

The solution is also simple: Move More! Participating in sports and organized physical activities are a great way to supplement movement into your day to day routine. Posture Alignment Therapy comes into play when pain gets in the way, or when someone wants to prevent future injuries. The program involves a customized sequence of simple, low demand daily stretches and exercises called a ‘menu’ that are designed to restore function and balance. The menu does not focus on the symptom or the site of pain, rather, it addresses the underlying alignment issues that are causing the problem.

People that embrace the fact that they simply do not move enough, and perform their menu daily with periodic visits with their therapist (to us) to fine tune their menu are the ones that have the most success. A well constructed menu, when done daily, will empower the client to keep themselves healthy and pain free without having to rely on “after the fact” treatment of pain and injuries


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Medical Tourism refers to the influx of people from developed to developing countries for obtaining first-class yet cheaper medical treatments / healthcare services.

According to several recent surveys, India especially has turned into the richest and hottest destination for medical tourism in catering treatments such as dental, medical procedures ranging from simple treatments to invasive surgeries, alternative therapies such as ayurveda etc. For the fact that, medical treatments are of great variation across the globe, India has raised its standards in supporting and offering the best healthcare service providers in terms of cost-effectiveness, quality and trained man-power. With the rising economies of countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore which stand in competition with India in medical tourism, India holds some great advantages, such as, the use of English language throughout the country, availability of world class hospitals, highly qualified medical practitioners etc.

Medical tourism in India has seen a slow but sustained growth from literally a cottage industry stage to a flourishing corporate world that it is now. Though the industry has grown significantly, there is space for improvement in the coming years. The cost of medical / healthcare services in India is as low as 20% compared to that in developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom and many other European Countries. In India, the Ministry of Health has set up an accreditation board for hospitals & healthcare service providers called the “National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers” (NABH), and NABL “National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories” which is positioned as the Quality Council of India. It functions to provide accreditating guidelines to the many hospitals & healthcare service providers. Many hospitals and healthcare set-ups also have accreditation's from the Joint Commission International (JCI) which reinforces the high quality of healthcare offered by these organizations.

Medical Tourism has become a well-known industry and has a vital impact on the economy of India. Many travelers, health insurance companies, hospitals, private clinics are gorging their hopes on India and looking forward for the best quality health services at a fraction of the cost.

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