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What types of samples or specimens does your lab analyze?

We processed blood sample, urine, sputum and also histopathology samples, we also analyse other body fluids. For more detailed information you may contact our Customer Care Number, or visit our nearest branch.

What types of analyses does your laboratory perform on these samples?

Central diagnostic clinic runs hundreds of different analyses. A more complete listing of analyses performed can be found on under the test index, which divides analyses by program.

How can I contact the Laboratory?

You may contact the laboratory by phone, e-mail or through the Internet.

How to know the charges of test?

You may refer to the EDOS available on our website or you may also call our Customer Care number.

Which services are provided by your Laboratory?

We provide Complete Pathology & Microbiology - We carry out all Histopathology & F.N.A.C in house Specialized Immunology tests.

A complete Radiology under one roof X-Ray Plain & Contrast Sonography & Sonomammography Whole body colour doppler.

We do provide Dental radiography services also Orthopantogram, Cephalogram, IOPA.

Your heart care in our hands: Cardiology tests ECG TMT (stress test) 2D - ECHO Pulmonary function test Physiotherapy Audiometry Our Shipping department aims to cater the people under the shipping profile Shipping wellness clinic with a high level computerised software for providing you a hassle free visit at our place Corporate Wellness- we specialize in catering health services to your employees also Second opinion / consultation, pre and post counselling from expert.

Who collects the samples you analyze?

There are qualified skilled staff working efficiently at our laboratory. The Technician are well trained at regular interval of time.

How long does it take to get samples analyzed?

The time of analysing and reporting of each test are different depending on various factors. You may contact our customer care number for any query related to reporting.

Where can I find out more information about your laboratory?

You may visit our website for any query related to your health. In addition to information about testing programs, analyses and certifications, you can find out about test methods, methods of collecting samples and much more.

Can you tell me if my water is safe to drink?

We offers several water analysis programs. Based on the chemical and bacteriological analyses we perform, we can make a decision on the water's suitability for human or livestock consumption.

Why does it take 2 days for culture and sensitivity - Why not one day, now that there are new technologies available?

Routine examination is done by directly visualizing urine under the microscope and doing certain chemical tests on the urine sample which takes a few minutes. In culture, the urine is plated on culture media which provide nutrition for the bacteria to grow. After overnight incubation bacteria grow on the media and then are replated on media on which different antibiotic discs are put and again after overnight incubation we see which antibiotics are able to prevent the growth of the bacteria.

Do you perform a biopsy?

No, we do not perform a biopsy. This is a procedure performed either by a surgeon (Incisional, Excisional) or by a dermatologist in case of skin biopsies. Histopathologists examine the tissue obtained after a biopsy and issue a report based on their observations.

Do you perform FNAC procedure?

Yes, we do perform a procedure known as Fine needle aspiration Cytology (FNAC) which is performed in our premises. The prerequisites are basic investigations, complete clinical details and doctor’s prescription.

Is your Laboratory accredited?

Our lab is certified for ISO 9001:2015 and we had applied for NABL.

What is the turn around time for pathological specimens?

Please refer the test menu for reference.

Do you offer a slide consultation service for second opinion?

Yes. Our specialists offer consultative services that provide guidance for additional diagnostic workup, prognostic information, pathogenic insight, and therapeutic direction. Please forward the slides, previous surgical pathology reports and, if possible, the paraffin blocks, along with the request.

How can I get patients' results?

Reports can be delivered via mail, courier, or via the Internet.

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